Well, the rain finally abated enough for Celestino to make the 12 mile decent down from the coffee farm on his “moto” (or motorcycle).  Celestino is the farm manager for Spirit Mountain and also does all the roasting for the small amount of coffee that stays in country.  He has been around coffee his whole life and we have always enjoyed his quiet, unassuming wisdom.

Spirit Mountain’s little green roaster actually lives on campus at Doulos Discovery (the school we used to work for).  So we roasted with the sound of boisterous students in the background.  It felt good to be roasting again.  Celestino ran the show and we ended up with two 4 kilo batches of some beautifully roasted coffee.

We will be bringing both green and brown coffee back with us.  If you live in Tyler and want to sample a cup we would love to have you over, seriously.

Enjoy the photos and your weekend.

Grace, peace, and porches.