After two outstanding weeks in the Dominican Republic we have landed back in Tyler and not empty-handed either.  You can’t get more direct-trade than checking 120 lbs of green coffee in your luggage.  One official Fitosanitary form and a bit of extra scrutiny from both Dominican and US customs and it’s as simple as that to literally bring coffee from the farm to your porch.

We also had some folks from the Tyler First Baptist team carry green coffee back from their trip at the beginning of October.  This means a couple of things.

1. This venture truly is a community effort, thanks First Baptist for becoming a part of the Porch Culture story.

2. We have our first round of coffee to roast, 300 lbs of it, all we need is our roaster and we are close but we need your help.

3. We need you to join the story by pre-ordering your coffee lickety-split.

As a bit of motivation/inspiration we are offering a free pound of coffee from our Roast with Celestino to the first 5 people to sign up for an annual subscription.

The offer is also still open for any Tylerites that want to sample a cup with us.  We are on our porch every morning and always welcome company.  Just drop us a line.