Jonathan and Shelly Spirit Mountain Coffee  - Dominican RepublicThe past year has been an adventure, a wild ride we could not have planned for.  We are so grateful to our hometown Tyler and our online patrons that have given legs to Porch Culture. On our own we are just an idea or a good concept.  With you we are a business.  Bit by bit the word is spreading and Porch Culture is growing.

We are learning as we grow, working to honor both the farmers who grow our coffee and ,you, our PC Patrons.

our giving | finding sustainability 

We believe all of us have the opportunity to tell a better story through the way we live and the choices we make.  For us that means keeping people at the center of what we do.  This is why we source, roast, and deliver the way we do.  This is also why we give a portion of online sales to redemptive work.

In terms of giving we decided early on that we would rather start big and pull back than always be in a posture of waiting until we had enough to give. Our giving structure thus far has been $3/bag from online sales to one of our non-profit partners.  Over this past year we have been able to support some great redemptive work, in the DR and right here in Tyler.

However, it seems we let out the reigns on our idealism a little too much.  Our current giving model is not sustainable for the operational costs of the business.  And, in the end we want sustainability from farm to porch.  We want it for the farmers.  We want it for Tyler.  And as business owners we want it for ourselves.

Do not fear, we are not abandoning ship.  We have simply gone back to the drawing board,  We’ve come up with what we believe is sustainable for us as a business while still giving to redemptive work.  We feel both are an important part of telling a better story through coffee.

Impacting globally | Starting March 1, $1 from every bag sold online will be given to the Doulos Discovery School.

Impacting locally | We have been plotting how to let goodness run wild with our local non-profit partners. We have a few ideas up our sleeves.We need to do a little more collaborating to make sure the final decision works for everyone involved.  Stay tuned for the details.

Thank you for choosing Porch Culture Coffee and allowing us to be a part of redemptive work from farm to porch.  We will continue with our current giving structure through the end of February.  If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them: