Beyond measure | Thankfulness

Thanks to the Intrepid Radicals who inspire us to dream and to act

Its been about 1 year since PC Coffee became an official business.  We’ve come a long way in a year’s time and it has been a group effort for sure.

These thanks are by no means exhaustive but a start to a very long, ever growing list…

To the ones we do know

Chad and Krista who daringly and trustingly jump off one cliff after another.

Josh and Stacy who took us into their home while we learned the business.

Jim and Rafael who volunteered to teach two total strangers everything they know.

Our Parents and siblings who love and support us despite our crazy antics.

The farmers and harvesters who do the hardest, most overlooked part of coffee work.

The Doulos Discovery Family who equip and serve and impact everyday.

The early adopters whose support put legs on our business.

And the newest member of our family business.

Owner's of the Spirit Mountain coffee farm in the Dominican Republic

To the ones we have yet to meet

Shane who opened our eyes that another world is possible.

Don who helped us to tell a better story.

Michael, Eric, and Joel who taught us that our choices reflect our beliefs.

Wendell who loves his community with a fiery passion

To The One who knows us best

You lead the way.  We can only follow.