We are taught to tell (I mean live) good stories

If you have been following Porch Culture, you know our beginnings are in the Dominican Republic and our hearts are still very much entwined with the school and the farm that ignited the flame for Porch Culture Coffee Roasters.
Perhaps you have read the Porch Culture Story.  Today we want to dedicate a little time to telling a bit of our friends stories.  A little snapshot of each to set a foundation for the many future stories you will hear about the on goings of Spirit Mountain and Doulos Discovery School.

These guys taught us so much of what we know about telling a better story with your life.

A School

Porch Culture truly began in the Dominican Republic in 2003 when Doulos Discovery opened its doors in the mountain town of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic with the hope of changing lives and communities through servant leadership.
In a country mostly known for corruption and poverty, the founders of The Doulos Discovery School set out to tell a different education story based on service and discipleship.
Few believed the rich would pay to send their kids to school with the poor.  Few believed US certified teachers would opt out of paying jobs to fund raise for their income.  Few believed this project would work.
Because of those few that did believe and took the risk, Doulos Discovery is going strong with nearly 300 students, half of those on need based scholarship.
You can ready more of their revolutionary story at doulosdiscovery.org.

A Farm

If Porch Culture began at a school, then it grew into a reality on a farm.
Just 15 miles away from Jarabacoa and the Doulos Discovery School, in the mountain community of La Angostura, there is a coffee farm that hopes to change lives and communities through coffee and ecological preservation.
In an industry marked by disregarding communities and ravaging landscapes, the owners of Spirit Mountain Coffee Plantation set out to tell a different agriculture story.
The 350 acre ecological reserve not only produces a quality crop of organic, 100% arabica coffee but also follows fair labor practices and preservation through the planting of 1000’s of trees.
Spirit Mountain operates as a not-for-profit and exists to support the work of the Doulos Discovery school and the community of La Angostura.
You can of course learn more of their story at spiritmountaincoffee.com

A Roaster. 

With those 2 stories preceding us we have some big risk taking, cliff jumping, redemption loving shoes to fill.
So much of the Porch Culture story is still left to be written lived.  We hope to do our friends proud.