We are back in the DR for 2 weeks to reconnect with friends from Doulos, spend some time at the farm, and remember why.

After a week of traveling and dropping our things off in Tyler, we caught a flight to Jarabacoa this past Monday.  So much has changed since we left 15 months ago and so much is still the same.  Jonathan and I began our life together here and it will always have a sense of  home to us.

So far this trip is right in step with our intended purpose which is to remember.  The faces of dear friends, the Dominican earth under our feet, the mountainside dotted with coffee plants and shade trees, the students, the farm workers; these are the reasons Porch Culture came into being.  The picture had become a bit fuzzy being far away for so long.  It is vibrant again and we are more than excited to bring those stories (and coffee) back to Tyler with us.

We know the two weeks will go so quickly.  We will cherish every moment but are already eager to return and really get the wheels turning on the business.

You will be hearing more from us and remember we want you to be a part of our story.  Join us in our journey toward profoundly good coffee.

Grace, peace, and porches.