Tanzania Nitin Estate Peaberry


Processing Method | Washed
Tasting Notes | Plum. Macadamia Nut. Graham Cracker
Varieties | Kent (Peaberry)
Sourcing | Coffee Shrub Farm Gate


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Importer Notes | Perched on the southern side of the Ngorongoro volcanic crater, Nitin coffee estate boasts 120 hectares of coffee, of which a small chunk in the higher part of the farm is dedicated to speciatly grade. That block of land sits at 1600 meters above sea level and is planted in Kent, a cultivar selection of Typica that originated in India in the 1930’s. The coffee is wet processed, picked and pulped on the same day. They ferment the depulped coffee in cement tanks for around 36 hours before moving the washed coffee to raised drying tables where it dries in the sun for upwards of 10 days. This is a peaberry selection, small, rounded beans that every coffee tree produces in very small numbers (about 2% of the yield). The peaberries (“PB”) are separated from the rest of the coffee (referred to as “flats”) by vibrating the round-shaped coffee through a series of screens with holes that only allow the PB’s to pass through.

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