Rwanda Gaseke Microlot


Tasting Notes | Orange. Hibiscus. Strawberry Jam
Processing Method | Washed
Sourcing | Coffee Shrub Farm Gate
Varieties | Bourbon
Elevation | 4900 – 5900ft


Importer Notes | This fully washed Rwandan coffee comes from the village of Gaseke, located in Nyungwe Mountain National Park in the southern District of Rusizi. The Gaseke washing station has been in operation for 3 years now and serves about 400 regional farmers. That sounds like a lot, but in comparison to many other sites we buy from, it’s about 1/3 the of the average size.

It sits at 1500 meters above sea level and farms reach up to higher altitudes of 1800+. The Gaseke workers put a lot of hand labor into sorting out defects, and is noticeable when looking over the green. First, all of the coffee cherry delivered to Gaseke is spread out on tables where any over and under ripe coffee cherries are removed.

Next, the cherry is transferred to tanks filled with clean water where the floating cherries (overripe coffee) are skimmed and processed as lower quality separations. Once the visible defects have been removed, the coffee is depulped down to parchment coffee and transferred to drying beds where it will be sifted through several times during the couple weeks it takes to dry. All this sorting makes for a more uniform coffee from one brew to the next since there are very few beans that will influence cup flavor.

Mail Order | Orders placed before 8am Tuesday ship Wednesday. Orders placed before 8am Thursday ship Friday.

Local Delivery* | Orders placed before 8am Tuesday are delivered Wednesday. Orders placed before 8am Thursday will be delivered Friday.

*Local delivery includes 75701, 75702 & 75703 within Loop 49.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2.75 × 3.75 in