Colombia Aponte Community Honey


Processing Method | Honey
Tasting Notes | Apple Cider. Cinnamon. Cooked Pear
Sourcing | Cafe Imports
Varieties | Caturra, Colombia, Typica
Altitude | 6900ft


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Aponte is a small town and Indigenous reservation of the Inga people, located in the municipality of Tablón de Gomez, northeast of the department of Nariño. This region is also located in the Juananmbu canyon which has an elevation of 2100 masl. The historical significance of this town comes from it being considered the northernmost point of the Inca empire in the 15th century.

The coffee in Aponte is picked ripe, de-pulped, and then fermented with the mucilage still on. Once fermented it’s placed inside parabolic dryers. The high altitude and strong cold winds make for denser, homogenous coffees that dry relatively quickly.
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