We know where we will be this Saturday! Our friends @solabread are showing off their new digs this weekend. Visit their feed @solabread for details. Preorder your bread and pastries for pickup by the end of today and then swing by Saturday to get your goods, enjoy and complimentary cup of #porchculturecoffee, and a tour of their space.
If you haven’t tasted Sola Bread before you are missing out, BIG TIME. Naturally leavened bread is out of this world with flavor and texture. And these guys do it up right using only #flourwaterleavensalt with slow fermentation and their wood fired brick oven.
Up till know they’ve been a cottage bakery operating out of their backyard bakehouse but ready yourselves because the brick and mortar store is almost finished which means more Sola goodness more often!
We could gush on and on about this awesome group of humans and their phenomenal bread but really you should just come check it out. This Saturday 10-Noon, place your order and get directions from the @solabread profile page.