Weight matters from farm to porch. 🤓

For the harvest workers who are paid not by the hour but by the weight of the baskets they bring in.
For the mill where weight is one of many metrics used to determine quality. What’s kept versus what is thrown out or sold at a much lower price.

For the roaster who sets recipes and roasting targets based on the weight at the start of the roast. As well as the simple need to have enough (but not too much) coffee to fill orders.

For the the barista who weighs out beans for every drink to create optimum drinkability each and every time.
Then there are of course the numerous humans and steps in the seed to cup process that we have not mentioned in this particular post that know weight matters// exporters, importers, transporters…and YOU!

Every step in the big process that is coffee matters and dropping a few more green coffee beans in the bucket (or taking them out) before they go in the roaster is part of it.
We love being geeks for you!
Buen provecho!