Happy New Year!
Nothing like 27* delivery temps to remind you you’re alive! Bike route A is delivered.
We’re starting off 2018 with a special treat from our friends in the DR and flagship farm, Finca Spirit Mountain. January’s Roaster’s Choice is a natural process with notes of melon, puff pastry, and walnut. .
The majority of Spirit Mountain coffee is washed, with the coffee cherry being removed shortly after harvest before the drying process begins. BUT for this most recent harvest the farm took some chances and set aside some the crop to experiment with different processing methods. Honey Process, which we shared with you a few months back , and now a natural process. Natural process coffee leaves the coffee cherry in tact during the drying process. Done on raised drying beds, this method imparts a sweetness from the coffee cherry into the bean. .
Any experimentation from a coffee farm is a brave step and we’re proud and thankful for the folks at Spirit Mountain for taking the risk of trying something new for them for the sake of bringing you a delicious and varied coffee experience.