December’s Roasters Choice arrived today! #planaheadtostayahead #coffeeshrub
We ❤️ Coffee Shrub. And here’s why // Coffee Shrub is not a traditional coffee importer.

Their offerings are a curated selection of unique coffees. The folks at Coffee Shrub strive to offer variety and quality while providing valuable resources to help roasters achieve the best possible results in the cup and with the customer. •
These guys wouldn’t call themselves a sales team but rather cuppers, roasters, record collectors, anthropologists, and most importantly enthusiastic coffee lovers offering access to the relationships cultivated through the years with coffee farmers around the world, as well as a wealth of information about most things coffee.

What we really love about Coffee Shrub is their “Farm Gate” coffee, which is their name for their direct trade coffee buying program. Farm Gate pricing means that they have negotiated a price directly with the farmer “at the farm gate,” that is, without any of the confusing export and import fees. The prices paid for Coffee Shrub coffees are above Fair Trade minimums, and with their Farm Gate coffees they can easily verify that the good price they pay for green coffee makes it to the people who do the work, and are responsible for the great cup quality of Coffee Shrub coffee. Farm Gate is a simple principle that allows coffee producers to make premium prices in reward for coffee quality, and to reinvest to improve quality even more in the future. We’d call that profoundly good coffee. •
As a small scale roaster, a program like Farm Gate is especially great for us at Porch Culture. We can’t travel the world but these guys can and they do it with a transparency and passion that we can get on board with.

Speaking of transparency// this text was modified from Coffee Shrubs About Us page. There is loads more info about their awesomeness and their awesome coffee at