Party Time! Remember to join us this Saturday. 9-11ish. Meet the stainless steel beast that is our new roaster and snag some Mixed Tape. $5/12oz bag and $25/5lb bag 😳
Of course there will be coffee to drink and goodies to consume from @mkprovisions
Come thirsty and hungry and with bills in yo’ pocket for Mixed Tape. 219 S Englewood.

For those of you not familiar with Mixed Tape it’s our way to minimize waste and give you a screamin’ deal on profoundly good coffee. Because wasting coffee is a crying shame and because we always have a little of this and a little of that left at the end of each week.
Mixed Tape is typically the odds and ends left from the week. This particular rendition of Mixed Tape is blended from the copious test batches we’ve been roasting while we dial in our new machine.