Well we packed up the Jeep Taxi and drove away from our home in Akron to head toward our future home of Tyler, TX.

If you want to get technical we actually did not drive toward our future home but chose the round about way in order to visit family in NC, SC, and GA.

We added a detour to our detour by hitting up One Line Coffee in Columbus, OH.  A superb cup of coffee and another contributor to telling a better [coffee] story.  If you are in the Columbus area and appreciate a daring cup of coffee these guys are a must.  Try the Ethiopia or their cold brew coffee.  And be sure to pummel the baristas with questions.  They are knowledgable and LOVE to talk coffee.

Today we are in Greenville, SC catching up with my eldest sister and her pack.  She took us to Coffee Underground in downtown.  Greenville’s downtown has seen a major revitalization in the last 10 years and Coffee Underground has been in on it since the earliest stages.  Funny enough, Greenville is actually the model city for the Tyler 21 plan, which looks to bring life back to the Tyler downtown area.  Its no wonder why Greenville was chosen as the example.  Main St. is a bevy of local restaurants, shops, and businesses.  Not to mention Falls Park, which can’t be replicated and makes the city all the more unique for it.

Family time, coffee exploration, and fall driving makes for a great combo.  We are enjoying the adventure between adventures and will be moving on to the ATL for the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend too.

Grace, peace, and porches.