Behind all things there is a process.  Each step in the process contributes to the final product. Brewing is the final stop on the train that started on a mountainside in the coffee growing regions of the world.

We want to set you up for a profoundly good coffee experience.

six craft coffee brewing factors

The most basic information is in bold with details and explanations following for all those interested in knowing the simple whys and hows of a well brewed cup of profoundly good coffee.
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Fresh | Keep your coffee supply fresh and grind just before use.
Peak freshness is within 2 weeks of the roast date.  You will find a roasted on date on every bag of our coffee.

Fresh roasted is important since coffee begins to lose flavor characteristics after 2 weeks time.  Keep your coffee in an opaque airtight container.  We advise against fridge or freezer storage since temperature changes diminishes taste.

Freshly ground is also important since grinding releases flavor.  We understand that not everyone will choose to invest in a grinder.  If you pre-grind your coffee be especially diligent about airtight storage.

Ratio | 2 tablespoon ground coffee to 6 oz of water.
For those of you that crave precision weigh 2 g coffee per 1 oz water
A standard coffee scoop typically equals 2 tbs.
Ratio is important since too much water leads to weak coffee and too little water leads to bitter coffee.

Grind | Be sure to grind according to your brewing method.
Grind is important since the wrong grind equals bad extraction which can lead to weak coffee, or chalky coffee, or bitter coffee, or…

  • Auto Drip Pot | Medium to Fine. Should look like granulated sugar
  • French Press | Course.  Should look bulky like Kosher salt
  • Pour Over | Fine. Should feel gritty like sand
  • Espresso | Extra Fine.  Should look like flour

Temperature | Bring water to a boil, remove from heat, wait for bubbling to stop.
Precise answer is 195-205℉
Temperature is of course  determined by the device with automated brewing methods.
Temperature is important since not enough heat equals weak coffee and too much heat equals scorched bland coffee.

Time | Follow instructions for your brewing method.
When we say time we mean the amount of time the water is in contact with the grounds.
Time is important since too little time or interrupting the brew leads to weak coffee and too long leads to bitter coffee.
A special note to French Press users…Allow coffee to brew for 3-4 minutes.  Press and then pour all coffee into mugs or a carafe.  Leaving it in the press continues the brewing process leaving you with chalky coffee.

Water | Filtered water, free of chlorine and fluoride, is ideal but we  do not begrudge anyone who chooses tap.
We list this one last and in italics not because it is less important but because it is not on the basic brewers radar and even the intermediate brewer can consider it too much to ask.
We mention it because it does effect the outcome of the coffee.  The extra things that are in tap water, even “good” tasting tap water, compete with the taste that is in the coffee.