Have you ever read a story with just one character?  Perhaps but they are few and the  point of those stories is most often that we can’t do things all on our own.

The story of Porch Culture has M A N Y characters.  All forward movement in the story of Porch Culture is credited to those that have come before us and those that have come along side us.
Today we joined stories with another Tyler based project we would call profoundly good, Come Together Trading Company.

In their own words “Come Together Trading Co. is a Christ-Centered Fair Trade Retail Store seeking to help people living and working in unfair conditions across the world by providing them with a marketplace for the beautiful products they produce…[The shop] was founded on the simple idea that if we could just “Come Together” we could help one another.”

Come Together originally started with a location in Canton, TX.  As of November 2012, the shop is now operating out of Tyler in the Bergfeld shopping center.  The inspiration for the shop is a beautiful story indeed.  In a nutshell, founders Tammy and Terry Marshall took a life changing trip,  identified a need, took a risk, and a store that exists to restore lives came into being.  You can read the full story at cometogethertrading.com.

We are stoked and humbled that they have allowed our coffee to be sold alongside such story-rich, beautiful products.  But its not our coffee after all.  It belongs to the farm and those that labored to get it to us and ultimately to you.

So if you live in Tyler and are in need of profoundly good coffee…or chocolate, or earrings, or a winter hat, or any number of beautiful things…stop by Come Together Trading and join us and them in telling a better story with the things we buy.