We spent this past Monday  learning from and alongside some of Texas’ finest coffee professionals.  Baristas, shop owners, and roasters from all over Texas and surrounding states descended on Dallas for Barista Nation | No Barista Left Behind.  Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters hosted the event in conjunction with Barista Nation.  Over 160 of us packed into Oak Cliff’s future home.  Of the 8 Barista Nation events held this year Dallas broke the attendance record.  Among many things this means the specialty coffee culture in Texas is thriving.  This is good news for us at Porch Culture and for all of you in East Texas craving profoundly good coffee.  It will not just be relegated for the enjoyment of big city folk.  We are bringing it to you.  Right to your front door.

I won’t geek out too much by going into all the discussion sessions, which were excellent and overflowing with geekiness. Props to all the presenters.  In short, we learned about acidity throughout the roasting process, collaborating with cafes to maintain quality, and the many variables of brewing methods.

There were definite moments where we felt way out of our league but mostly we felt at home and inspired by so many people in love with the craft that is specialty coffee. From cultivation, to roasting, to preparation; there are farmers, roasters, and baristas working with heart to bring you, the coffee drinker, an outstanding experience.   It’s not “just coffee” for these guys.  We are humbled to be able to call each one of them colleagues.

Thanks for checking in.  Keep coming back.  Good things are happening and we are SO close to having our roaster.

Grace, peace, and porches.