Well, as expected, the first week has flown by.  We are continuing to remember why we are going into the work of profoundly good coffee.  Our time this past week has been sweet, filled with good meals and good conversation.

It has also been filled with a bit of cycling.  You don’t have to know much about the Ramms to know that our preferred mode of transportation (and recreation) is the bicycle.  Thanks to our friends Harley and Abby, we spent a good portion of our weekend “andando en bici” (cruising on the bike).  In a culture that likes to take it easy the bicycle is a great way to take in the views at a slower pace.  Although the hills make for a bit of hard work you can only go so fast and that is sweet relief for us after lots of time in the car prior to arriving here.

What we should have done is taken some pictures to share with you…but alas we are still horrible at remembering the camera.  It is on our list of things to improve upon.  Check back and see if we are improving.