Our coffee story started with our work in the Dominican Republic.  From 2006-2011 we worked for the Doulos Discovery School in the central mountain town of Jarabacoa. It was through our work that we formed a partnership with Finca Spirit Mountain, our flagship coffee.

What began as an idea shared between the two of us on a porch in 2010 over a cup of coffee has turned into Porch Culture Coffee Roasters.

Our years in the DR grew in us a love for the people that work hard growing the coffee we drink and an appreciation for Dominican hospitality.  Many invites for afternoon porch sessions, sharing coffee with Dominican neighbors, taught us that people and product are intertwined and only when both are held in high regard does everyone win.

We returned to the States in June of 2011 ready for the next steps in our coffee journey. After a few months of bicycle adventuring, we spent the year in northeast Ohio apprenticing with a roaster. Our move to East Texas in the fall of 2012 was both the last and first step in our journey to bring profoundly good coffee to the porches of Tyler, Texas. 

We started in a garage with a half dozen sacks of Spirit Mountain coffee, and a grill roaster.  Since then we have expanded our offerings list, moved out of the garage into a production space on the westside of Tyler, and upgraded to a small batch commercial roaster.

Its been a wild ride and we are just getting started.  We hope you will join us as we work to tell a better story through profoundly good coffee from farm to porch.


Jonathan and Shelly Ramm
Founders | Owners | Porch Dwellers