Finish Roast. Craft roasting.take the time it takes

We believe that small batches and fresh roasted are the best ways to capture the full flavor of specialty coffee.  Second to mindful sourcing, we believe craft roasting is the best way to honor the farmers who grow our coffee and deliver  delicious fresh roasted beans to Porch Culture patrons.

How we do our job matters.  We are all beholden to each other.  As roasters we have the great opportunity and responsibility to return gratitude to both coffee growers and coffee drinkers.

There is no auto-pilot with craft roasting.  It is both an art and a science.  It begins with how we source our coffee, small scale.  Our single origin offerings are not just from a single country or region but from single cooperatives and/or estates.  This allows the intrinsic flavor qualities of the bean to really shine through in the roasting process.

Every crop that arrives at Porch Culture is profiled and cupped to determine the best roast levels for that particular bean.  You will find a spectrum of options in our line up from light and bright to dark and smooth.  Light or dark, we aim to bring out each coffees natural sweetness and distinct flavor characteristics.

Freshness is at the core of our roasting philosophy, which is why you will find a roasting date stamped on every bag of Porch Culture Coffee.

We take the time it takes to roast profoundly good coffee.

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